Association of “High Educational Institutions and Food Industry Enterprises ” (UkrUFoST)

Association of “High Educational Institutions and Food Industry Enterprises ” (UkrUFoST) was legally registered in June 2008

Registration Certificate

Statute of UkrUFoST 2016

High educational institutions, the founders of this association :

            The decision has been achieved to assign the post of UkrUFoST President to Rector of NUFT and the post of Chief Exacutive Officer to NUFT Vice-Rector for International Relations and Integration. In order to acknowledge the fact that NUFT acts as a sole Ukraine’s representative in the IUFoST and a decisive part in the UkrUFoST formation that has been contributed be NUFT

During 27-29 May 2013, the National University of Food Technologies held The Second North and East-European Congress on Food (NEEFood-2013).

This Congress marked an end to a 6-year period integration of Ukraine into the European community of food scientists and technologists. A lot of hard work was made to coordinate all aspects of the Congress such as: preparation of scientific and cultural programs, International Scientific Committee of the Congress, poster presentations, developing of the sections program etc.

This important event was the first international forum of food scientists in our country. Scientists from 18 countries took part in the Congress including representatives of Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Portugal, Croatia, Russia, Moldova, Serbia, Romania, Turkey and Kazakhstan.

Congress was held with the support of EFFoST (The European Federation of Food Science and Technology) – European food scientific and professional association. The following European associations also participated: GHI (Global Harmonization Initiative), EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group), ISEKI-Food Association (European Association for Integrating Food Science and Engineering Knowledge into the Food Chain).

At the Opening Plenary session Rector of the University, Professor Sergii Ivanov greeted the delegates and announced the opening of the Congress. A greeting from the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine were presented and along the one from the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine was announced by Alexander Kuts, Director of Department.

Since President of RUSFoST, who initiated the first Congress in St.-Petersburg, was unable to attend the forum because of health reasons, he made a greeting speech through Skype.

It does not make sense to talk about the importance of food science for our country or about the relevance of obtaining scientific information on the latest achievements of our colleagues-leaders in food science from the Netherlands, Germany and Italy. Congress has highlighted mainstream research in food science and technology.

The expectations of domestic scientists seemed to surpasse the reality. During the first plenary session May, 27 Huub Lelieveld (The Netherlands) has presented the report «People, Planet, Welfare, Food Chain and Fair Standards», in which he examined the critical issues facing humanity today, namely: a continuous increase in the deficit of natural resources and especially food. In these circumstances the problems of equitable law become particularly acute. Some countries have refused to take protectionist measures in the legal field, where high quality food is not allowed on the partner countries markets by artificial restrictions.

Professor Saverio Mannino from University of Milan (Italy) presented a unique report about the latest achievements of the school he headed in the field of nanotechnology encapsulation. Professor Manino scientific achievements allowed developing technology which creates nanotubes that provide delivery of encapsulated therapeutic agents or functional foods at certain pre-determined parts of digestive tract.

Also Karel Mager, the head of EHEDG research group (Germany), presented the modern technologies of hygiene production by adequate treatment strategy of process equipment “wet or dry”. He illustrated latest standards and recommendations in the EU.

Professor Ingrid Bauman from the University of Zagreb (Croatia) talked about the latest advances in technology of bulk materials. This is a vital area in modern conditions and associated with production of powders for beverages based on coffee, milk and fruit concentrates. The high demands for products’ quality determine the appropriate requirements for all components of the chain. She showed the difficulties during the preparation of mixtures of granular materials (e.g. coffee) and powdered milk that contains fat. The new mixture is formed by mixing heterogeneous granular materials that have brand new features that should be considered.

The presentation of Prof. Paola Pittia from the University of Teramo (Italy) addressed educational activities of ISEKI-Food Association. Presentation reflected an integrated European higher education in the field of food science, technology and food security. Professor Pittia highlighted the main activities of the ISEKI-Food Association, such as the formation of an electronic database of scientific, academic and reference books, including interactive labs and tutorials in all aspects of food science and technology, e-courses on specific subjects, providing information of experts and students on the Internet using the forums with ISEKI-Food Association. She informed the audience of the international framework to qualification requirements for graduates, bachelors and masters in food science and technology in details.

During the first plenary session Counsellor of Embassy of The Netherlands in Ukraine Evert Jan Krajenbrink gave a presentation which was extremely useful since The Netherlands is the leader in innovative development of food production. Doctor Krajenbrink showed that leadership of his country was determined by exceptional attention that is given by the government providing the highest level of investments into RAD.

The Congress coincided with the celebration of Europe Day. Guests and participants of Congress appreciated this festival, as each faculty presented one of the European countries. Every Congress delegate had a chance to visit 16 European countries (exactly this number of participants gathered during this year festival), to learn more about country’s history, traditions, national suits, foods, drinks.

Scientific seminar “Development of wine tourism: World experience. Theory. Practice” was held May, 28.

Summarizing the work of NEEFood-2013, members of the International Scientific committee Huub Lelieveld (The Netherlands), Paola Pittia (Italy), Karel Mager (Germany) highly estimated the level of its organization, which considering their words, surpassed the bravest expectations. A chief executive of EHEDG, president of GHI Huub Lelieveld, assured that he had no doubt in ability of our University to properly prepare and organize a scientific event of such a level.

Professor of the North-Caucasian Federal University Andrey Bratsikhin (Russia) shared sincere appreciation of the organization of the forum and also for giving the possibility to present the achievements and take a close look at the best work of the scientific European elite.

Vice Rector for science and International Relation of our university Tetiana Mostenska closed the work of the Congress. She thanked the participants for their work and presented souvenirs to the members of the International Scientific Committee and to the best speaker in the section of young scientists Gregor Badalyan (Hungary).

Considering all positive comments, there is a chance that Congresses like this one will soon become traditional and NEEFood forums will become regular under EFFoST aegis.

On April, 4 2011 the regular 7th Conference of the Association “High Educational Institutions and Food Industry Enterprises (UkrUFoST)” took place.The Conference was dedicated to the issue of providing a further boost to the integration pace of the Ukrainian Universities teaching food science into the European community. It is known that reaching highest standards of the educational system in the countries-signatories of Bologna Declaration became possible within the framework of the Bologna Process. Unfortunately, in Ukraine the attention is focused on the formal issues of credit-modular system, evaluation of students’ knowledge within ECTS scale and also introducing the three-stage educational system.

Despite the importance of all issues mentioned above, they do not represent core values which are the main point of the integration process itself. Introduction of European qualifications framework at BSc and MSc, mutual recognition of separate courses, joint development of curricula and educational programs, concluding agreements with the European High Educational Institutions concerning obtaining double degrees – all these require consideration and resolution. These problems were the main points of the Conference.

Food science programs director, the inspirer and creator of the world greatest informational portal Food Info ( Dr. Ralf Hartemink was present at the Conference as honorary guest-speaker. He represented Wageningen University (the Netherlands), the leading European university providing training in food science. In more than a two-hour presentation Professor Hartemink described all the aspects of the University’s activity as a European school training world level specialist.

Interestingly, that food science department of this university qualifies 60-65 Bachelors, more than 200 Masters and 50 PhD students for all countries of the European community.

The work of the International Integration Projects and Academic Mobility Department was presented by the Department Head Yaroslav Zasjadko – UkrUFoST Executive Director and Olena Klimova – International Science-educational Projects Sector Head.

The audience was especially interested in presentations of the comparative analysis of the teaching curricular of four leading universities and our university. The results of the university’s activity in the sphere of forming suggestions concerning European requirements towards European framework qualifications of bachelor degree and master degree in the food science and engineering were reported by Galyna Polischuk – Milk and Dairy Products Chair Head, docent and the member of Ministry of Science and Education of Ukraine Methodology Committee.

Conference was a success. At the end of the Conference delegates considered some organizational questions.


December 15, 2010 was another VI International Conference of the Association of “High educational institutions and food industry enterprises (UkrUFoST). Greeted at the conference asked Professor Ivanov SV. The conference brought together representatives of all five universities-founders of the Association.

Of the foreign guests participated in the conference Professor Huub Lelieveld (The Netherlands), Executive Director EHEDG, president of GHI. He spoke about the work of the European Group on hygienic design of food industry, demonstrated by two presentations: “Hygienic standards for food enterprises” and “Global harmonization of standards on food safety for food processing equipment.

In their presentations Huub Lelieveld repeatedly stressed that the country has tremendous potential to export products, which can exceed the potential of the European Union as a whole. But the lack of organization and lack any knowledge of the current EU legislation on food hygiene and safety engineering is a critical obstacle to our food exports.
Executive Secretary UkrUFoST Zasyadko Y.I. reported project status and informed of current sites on UMS our library.
Head of Sector of the International Accreditation UMS NUFT Klimova OV described ISEKI_Mundus projects and preparation of training materials for the course of hygienic engineering EHEDG.

In accordance with applicable Statutes UkrUFoST Professor Ivanov SV was unanimously elected President of the Association of universities and the food industry UkrUFoST.

  Professor Krystuna Silva, ISEKI Mundus project coordinator (Portugal Catholic University), Professor Ingryd Bauman, ISEKI Mundus project coordinator of the group WG4 (Zagreb University), Professor Huub Lelijeveld, EHEDG Executive Director (the Netherlands), representatives of  Kharkiv, Poltava, Ternopil and Odessa Universities presented their projects at the Fifth UkrUFoST Conference, which was held in March 2009. The Ministry of Education and Science has been represented by I. Babyn – Head of department of high education sector.

The 6th International Theoretical and Practical Conference ‘’MODERN NUTRITION PROBLEMS: TECHNOLOGY AND EQUIPMENT, ORGANIZATION AND ECONOMICS’’ took place in September 2009, which was organized by DonNUET and UkrUFoST in the picturesque suburb of Svjatogorsk. Executive Director EHEDG, Proffesor Huub Lelijeveld  kindly accepted an invitation to take part in the conference. His presentation dealt with the forthcoming cooperation between UkrUFoST and EU groups and bodies active in the food sector.

            Wide range of scientific papers in the field of food technology was presented to the conference. The next conference is scheduled to be more significant, as it will be announced in scientific periodicals and it is planned to invite outstanding foreign scientists through the collaboration with EFFoST.