Welcome to the International Relations Department!

The department provides information and consultations to foreigners who wish to study at the National University of Food Technologies or have already studied at the University.

The University offers the educational programs for foreigners and stateless persons intending to obtain higher education in Ukraine. NUFT proposes a wide range of educational programs in educational degrees “Bachelor”, “Master” and “Doctor of Philosophy”. In addition, foreign applicants have the opportunity to take pre-university training at the Preparatory Department in Ukrainian language.

The department coordinates NUFT staff and students who are participating in the international programs, grants, etc. and help with the registration of documents.

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Our specializations 2023

National University of Food Technologies carries out training of specialists in 22 specialties in different educational programs. The educational and research complex includes 3 educational and research institutes, 3 faculties, 3 institutes of postgraduate education, 5 branches and 11 colleges located all over Ukraine. In total, about 6,200 students are trained in our educational complex. More than 78 Doctors of Science and Professors, about 358 Candidates of Science are involved in the educational process. Among them there are 21 members of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and branch academies, 19 laureates of the State Prize of Ukraine, 16 honored workers of science and engineering and honored workers of education.

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Educational and Scientific Institute of Economics and Management

Studying at NUFT for foreign citizens

Today there are more than 200 foreign students and stateless person studying at the preparatory department and in different specialties at the University.
NUFT has a license to prepare foreign citizens for entry into institution of higher education in almost all specialties.

Full-time/Correspondence-course education
Pre-University Department

Membership in international organizations

The National University of Food Technologies is a member of many well-known international associations, organizations, and so on.

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