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Dear IFA-members, dear SIG members

Dear IFA-members, dear SIG members,


I am delighted to inform you that our group has just launched its new, open innovation network (www.foodwasterecovery.group), aiming at helping food industries recover food waste and improve their sustainability:

We work every day on different levels to:

 · develop evidence-based technical knowledge and high quality references;
 · provide consulting services and training to the food industry;
 · organize joint research and innovation efforts;
 · follow, denote and lead the most recent advances in the field;
 · teach the youngest generation of food and environmental scientists and technologists.

Our vision and goal is to contribute in #SAVEFOOD actions from our technological and recovery point of view, and ultimately build a more sustainable world.

We aspire to be the biggest and most admired network worldwide in the field of food waste recovery,  distinguished by our principles, culture and effectiveness.

To this line, we invite you visiting our platform and declare interest today.

Yours sincerely,

Charis M. Galanakis

Director of Food Waste Recovery Group
ISEKI Food Association



NeeFood Congress 2017




Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, it is our great pleasure and privilege to invite you to the 4th North and East European Congress on Food (NEEFood) in Kaunas, Lithuania. Under the theme Global and Local Challenges in Food Science and Technology, the program of the Congress 2017 will unite the knowledge and practice of researchers, practitioners, policy makers and NGO?€™s from Europe and all around the world working in the fields of food production, food processing, food quality and safety, nutrition, engineering and design, innovative technologies.

Feel free to contact our team if you have any questions about the Congress.






Before planning your holiday this summer we remind you to register for a NEEFood Congress 2017 this September.

Do not miss a chance to pay Early Bird rate and save more for summer adventures.





We are pleased to announce that the following peer review scientific journals agreed to cooperate with the NEEFood Congress 2017 : Open AgricultureŽemdirbystÄ— = Agriculture (TR WOS, 5-year IF = 0.652) and  Journal of Hygienic Engineering and Design.
Congress papers will be considered for a publication in a special (Open Agriculture) or regular issues.






Those already planning their trip to Kaunas should find our Accommodation and Travel sections really helpful. If you cannot find what you are looking for there, feel free to contact us.

Hotel list is available on the Congress website.




Congress Secretariat

Conference & Event Management
Pylimo str. 41A, LT-01136 ("Linden")
Vilnius, Lithuania
E-mail: registration@seventips.lt




Договор о сотрудничестве между Национальным университетом пищевых технологий и Дангаринским государственным университетом.


С целью обеспечения участия в проведении совместных исследований, реализации инновационных проектов и усовершенствовании степенной подготовки кадров подписан Договор о сотрудничестве между Национальным университетом пищевых технологий и Дангаринским государственным университетом.

Договор предусматривает сотрудничество по таким направлениям:

· обмен опытом организации учебного процесса по родственным специальностям;

· организация практической подготовки студентов;

· организация научных стажировок и курсов повышения квалификации специалистов;


· проведение научных исследований по согласованной тематике, в том числе подготовка совместных проектов для получения грантового финансирования.


Upcoming Webinars


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