What is Food-Info.net?

What is Food-Info.net ?

Mission statement:

      Food-Info.net aims to be the largest and most comprehensive information site relating to food science and related subjects in the world.
Food-Info.net provides information in over 20 languages
     The Food-Info Foundation is an independent organisation sponsored by the European Federation of Food Science and Technology and the European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group. The foundation is based at Wageningen University, the Netherlands
  • Started as Dutch site in 1999 (www.voedsel.net)
  • aim : answer food-related questions from public to university
  • 2001-2003 EUFIC sponsorship (www.foodexperts.net)
  • provide information on food science in 6 languages
  • Since 2003 : Food-Info (www.food-info.net)
  • provide food science information in as many languages as possible, with focus on European languages
  • to increase awareness of people about food science, food safety and ingredients
  • to increase the number of students in food science
  • 2007 : Sponsorship of EFFoST and EHEDG
  • incorporation as foundation


        The site provides information on all food science related topics, but no information on diets or animal (pet) foods.
Major parts of the site :

1. Topics

  • Food Components
  • vitamins, minerals, colours, protein…
  • Food Allergies and Intolerances
  • food-allergy dictionaries in > 30 languages
  • Food Safety
  • bacteria, viruses, toxins…
  • Functional Foods

2. Questions and Answers

  • Over 450 QA in many different topics

3. Products

  • Coffee, Tea, Pasta, Spices, Sugar, Wine, edible insects...

4. E-numbers 
5. QA-service in several languages 
6. Quiz
7. Links
8. Food Dictionary (www.fooddictionary.eu)


  • The site is run by a paid project manager
  • Translations are provided by students in the food technology and food safety programmes in Wageningen and partner universities.
  • New material is written by staff and students of Wageningen university or taken with permission from other websites and edited to the Food-Info format.
  • Extensive file management system, but very flexible
  • Technically simple : no database, no flash fast and no browser problems
  • Well optimised for Google and other search engines
University Partners

The Food-Info foundation was founded under Dutch law in December 2007. 

The Board of the Foundation consists of :
Ralf Hartemink, chairman, representing Wageningen University
Huub Lelieveld, secretary, representing EHEDG
Wilma Methorst, treasurer, representing EFFoST

The site is run by a daily management team located at Wageningen University and an controlling Executive Board. Daily Management Team Ing. Martina Starovicova, MSc : Project Manager Dr. ir. Ralf Hartemink : representative of Wageningen University Executive Board (to be elected in 2008)

Key Figures

Key figures (since July 2005) :
  • 15 % revisitors and increasing
  • Visitors from 211 countries
  • Main countries : Netherlands, Turkey, Italy, Poland, Belgium, USA, Spain
  • Over 10000 links to www.food-info.net
  • Monthly quiz made by over 500 participants
  • Over 11000 separate files
  • All statistics publicly visible and verifiable
  • Weekly mentioned in newspapers/journals/TV or radio in different countries
  • Clear increase in students in Food Technology in Wageningen
  • Increased awareness of the study programme


Future plans and aims :
  • Increase content
  • Increase languages
  • Publish leaflets, posters, books
  • Using new media (mobile phones)
  • Information in person : markets, fairs etc
  • growth rate in visitors and pageviews of >25% as compared to 2007




What is Food-Info.net ?

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