National University of Food Technology

 National University of Food Technologies

Professor,  Rector Ukrainets Anatoliy Ivanovych  
Official name: National University of Food Technologies
Internet:; (ID) 
Address: 68, Volodymyrska St., Kyiv, Ukraine, 01601 
Telephone: +38 044 287-9693; 
Fax: +38 044 234-7354; +38 044 289-0212; 
Accreditation level: IV (Highest) 
License of the Ukrstuaine Ministry of Education and Science: AE №636488 as of  19.06.2016 
License for Preparing 
Foreign Specialists 

Type of Property: State 
Year of Foundation: 1884
Foreign Students
Study Since 1950

Today NUFT is the only Ukrainian technical university, which trains highly skilled specialists at Bachelor, Specialist and Master educational qualification levels in 20 specialities and 44 fields of specialisation at Food, Meat and Dairy, Microbiological and Pharmaceutical Industry. Food, meat and dairy, pharmaceutics and microbiological productions as well as economics and management are the main subjects in comprehensive University’s curriculum, which ensures great career opportunities in the future. NUFT holds the status of higher educational institution of the IV level of accreditation.

NUFT’s basic educational institution includes 5 Research Institutes, 2 Institutes of Postgraduate Education, 12 Colleges and Technical schools, 9 Correspondence Schools located in different regions of Ukraine. More than 35,000 students are studying at NUFT with more than 6,500 of teaching staff. Our scientists and teaching staff made a valuable contribution to the development of national food industry by training professionals and making innovations in food technology and production process.

Teaching staff of the University consists of 577 teachers. Among them: 21 Academicians, 100 Professors and Doctors of Science, 420 Candidates of Science, 13 laureates of State Prize of Ukraine, 7 Honoured workers of science and engineering, 14 honoured workers of education. 

Contacts with foreign research institutes and institutions are made through training of engineers, Candidates and Doctors of Sciences, exchanging of researchers and teachers on the basis of co-operation, participation in international conferences, symposia and exhibitions.

Pre-university contract training of foreign citizens at the Preparatory Department has already become one of the major lines of our international co-operation.

NUFTF’s big library provides students with all necessary materials and information, its amount is more than 1.2 million books and publications.

Our University has a modern sport centre, dining halls and hostels. Internet and modern computer technologies are widely spread within the University, which enables students to master their computer skills and receive up-to-date information. Social life of the University is full of different events which are observed by the journalists of the local newspaper "Promin".







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