Association of High educational institutions and food industry enterprises (UkrUFoST)

                 Association of “High Educational Institutions and Food Industry Enterprises ” (UkrUFoST) was legally registered in June 2008

Registration Certificate

Statute of UkrUFoST 2016

High educational institutions, the founders of this association :



            The decision has been achieved to assign the post of UkrUFoST President to Rector of NUFT and the post of Chief Exacutive Officer to NUFT Vice-Rector for International Relations and Integration. In order to acknowledge the fact that NUFT acts as a sole Ukraine's representative in the IUFoST and a decisive part in the UkrUFoST formation that has been contributed be NUFT 

27-29 May 2013, the National University of Food Technologies held The Second North and East-European Congress on Food (NEEFood-2013)

The 7th International  UkrUFoST Conference

The 6th International  UkrUFoST Conference 


The 5th International  UkrUFoST Conference




Wide range of scientific papers in the field of food technology was presented to the conference. The next conference is scheduled to be more significant, as it will be announced in scientific periodicals and it is planned to invite outstanding foreign scientists through the collaboration with EFFoST. 

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