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Teachers of our university mastered «Nutrition & Cookery» course in Ayurvedic center in Greens Ayurveda

Teachers of our  University – Natalya Frolova , Associate Professor of health products technology, and Yushchenko Natalia, Associate Professor of milk and dairy products technology, master «Nutrition & Cookery» course in Ayurvedic center in Greens Ayurveda (India).

The center is located in picturesque Kerala, famous with its Ayurvedic traditions. Among students there were representatives of different countries: USA, UK, Germany, Spain and France.

During theoretical classes students were introduced to the basics of Ayurveda – the science of life, according to which food must not only provide a person with the necessary nutrients, but also serve as medicines and ensure a long and full life. Students mastered features of nutrition in accordance with constitutional features of the human body, and its adjustment depending on the seasonality and the impact of adverse external factors (stress, fatigue, illness etc.), learned to compose diets. By the way, Ayurvedic  nutrition concept is based solely on vegetarianism.

Practical skills, our teachers mastered on culinary trainings, using traditional Keral’s cooking recipes.


Theoretical knowledge and practical skills acquired by our teachers will be used in MS program "Technologies of Ayurvedic food".

DAAD Scholarships. German Academic Exchange Service announces the DAAD scholarship programs 2017/2018

For undergraduate students:

2-3 year students, 5 year (if it not final): Summer school in Germany for foreign students

2-5 year students: «Studienreisen» group travels for students to Germany


For Bachelor students:

4 year:

- Scholarships for graduates (all disciplines)

- ERP- scholarships for graduates in economics


For graduates:

-Scholarships for graduates (all disciplines)

-ERP- scholarships for graduates in economics

Scholarships for training for German language specialists


For PhD students:

- Research Scholarship - short scholarships

- Research Scholarship - annual scholarships

- Research Scholarship - postgraduate studies with double scientific guidance

- Research Scholarship - complete postgraduate studies in Germany



For young scientists:

- Research Scholarship - short scholarships

- Research Scholarship - annual scholarships


For teachers:

Scientific training for foreign University’s teachers and researchers


For alumni:

Repeated invitations for DAAD alumni


Learn about scholarships:

Further scholarship programs:



Cultural and educational trip "Humanitarian and medical cooperation"

Ministry of Culture of Ukraine and Ukrainian youth public organization "Heart to Heart" in order to promote volunteerism, visiting medical and educational institutions, discussing the prospects of implementing joint international humanitarian projects, and to explore the cultural heritage of European countries from 30.10.2016 to 07.11.2016 organize International trip to Slovakia, Austria, Italy, Slovenia and Hungary.

Living, travel and food expenses are on trip participants.

Documents should be sent prior to the October 07, 2016 the Ukrainian youth public organization "Heart to Heart".


For more information (approximate travel program and the list of documents required for a Schengen visa) can be obtained at the Department of International Integration Projects and Academic Mobility in the office A-308, int. tel.: 93-83.


2nd Food Structure Design Congress, Antalya, 26-28 October 2016

From October 26 to 28th the 2nd Congress on Food Structure Design will take place in Antalya, Turkey organized by Akdeniz University Food Engineering Department. The goal of the 2nd Congress on Food Structure Design is to strengthen at academic and industrial levels the scientific understanding of product design and engineering and to stimulate and accelerate the development of innovative, complex and highly structured products and suitable production processes. The full program is available at

This congress is meant to gather an interdisciplinary team of scientists from different research areas (food engineering, biophysics, food technology, creative design) in the frame of an integrated process & product design approach for creating innovative multiphase structured foods.


We cordially invite you to be part of this international event.


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