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Наукове стажування у Гамбурзі


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Міждисциплінарне наукове стажування +

робота у національній бібліотеці Гамбурга


Інститут Міжнародної Академічної та Наукової Співпраці запрошуєдо участі у стажуванні метою якого є підвищення академічної мобільності українців на арені міжнародної освіти. Стажування передбачає наукову роботу в Гамбурській національній бібліотеці ім. Карла фон Оседського, семінар "Освіта в Німеччині" та індивідуальні зустрічі з європейськими науковцями для встановлення ділових контактів.


Місце проведення: Гамбург, Німеччина

Термін проведення: 05-09 грудня 2016 р.

Кінцевий термін реєстрації:  10 листопада 2016 р.


За результатами наукового стажування видається

сертифікат про наукове стажування в ЄС – 108 ак. год.


Контактна інформація: 


тел.: +380969192134 – Оксана Міхель - менеджер проекту.


Інститут Міжнародної Академічної і Наукової Співпраці


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Cooperation agreement between NUFT and ALALESCO


National University of Food Technologies and International Organization of Education ALALESCO (Morocco) signed a Cooperation agreement on in the following:


·    promotion of educational and scientific cooperation in the field of economic, technical and legal sciences

·    joint implementation of programs on education, science, economics, information technology, law, culture and traditions of Ukrainian and Moroccan peoples.

ALALESCO an international organization that is a scientific research base of universities in Europe, Africa and worldwide. ALALESCO activities are related to education, science, culture and communication. The objectives of the organization are bilateral cooperation in higher education, science and culture among public universities and private institutions all over the world.




Food Technologist’s and Scientist’s Day

On the occasion of Food Technologists and Scientists Day (October, 13), which were celebrated at our University, our colleague, Honourable Dr. Prof. Huuba Lelievelda (Netherlands), was awarded the medal "For Special Services to the National University of Food Technologies".

This award had marked the tireless work of Prof. Lelieveld. More than 10 years Prof. Huub actively promotes the integration of our University into the European community of food scientists, food industry, helps our University to join the number of European professional associations, contributes to the provision to our University an honorable duty to conduct European Congress NEEFood-2013 and CEFood-2016. In 2014 Huub Lelieveld become an Honorary Doctor of NUFT. Since then Huub Lelieveld visited our university many times and held lectures on topical scientific issues. His activities made an outstanding contribution to the development of the University and its international recognition.


Professor Lilieveld! Congratulations on your Honorary Award of the National University of Food Technologies!!!


Lectures from leading European scientist

On October 13, 2016, as a part of cooperation with leading European scientists, NUFT’s Honorary Doctor Prof. Huub Lelieveld (Netherlands) held an open lecture for the students of our University «Sustainable and Modern Food Preparation ( e-cooking and 3-D printing)».

Since the subject of the lecture is of great interest for our students, the audience was filled. It should be noted that it was of great relevance, had rich illustrative material of advanced technologies and equipment. It should be emphasized that the materials of a lecture helped to familiarize our students with the state of modern European food science and technology, and thus with the level of professionals working in this aria. This allowed our students to assess their own knowledge and their competitiveness in the European labor market.

Lecture held by Prof. Huub Lelieveld had aroused a great interest, as the audience asked many questions to the speaker.


Immediately after the lecture, 1st-3rd year students ("Management and administration") had a meeting with Huub Lelieveld and had a friendly conversation beginning from the education in Europe and to the organizing Start-Up projects.


Our University won a grant of the European Union Program Erasmus+

National University of Food Technologies won a grant of the European Union Program Erasmus + (Jean Monnet direction). Grant provides project development and implementation of methodological support to the educational process of Jean Monnet Module - on the subject "Tools, Policies and Best Practices of EU Environmental Activity". The project coordinator is Professor Igor Yakimenko, Department of Biochemistry and Environmental Control. The team includes Associate Professor Oksana Salavor and postgraduate student Eugene Shapovalov from the same department, and Dr. Catherine Sebkova, who heads the National Center for toxic compounds in Masaryk University, Czech Republic. The project will last 3 years. In addition to developing and implementing of the new discipline for MS students, who study "Environment" and "Environmental Protection Technologies", the project will held summer schools, dedicated to subject of the project, for representatives of government, business, NGOs and representatives of other higher educational institutions of Ukraine.


The idea of Jean Monnet projects is that the European Union financially supports the implementation research trends into the learning process of Non-EU countries, and spreading EU experience in various fields of knowledge, economy, politics and culture (so-called European integration studies). This year, for example, the European Commission has supported over 170 Jean Monnet projects in different countries, including 11 projects in Ukraine, including the the one of our university. This is the first project under the direction of Jean Monnet our University has obtained, and this opens up opportunities for further collaboration with the Erasmus +. This program envisages a phased development of universities’ active participation in the implementation of European integration studies in educational process. In case of successful implementation of the Project "Jean Monnet Module" our University would have a good chance to win further grants in this area - Jean Monnet Chair (implementation of a complex of European integration studies subjects), as well as Jean Monnet Center of Excellence, which involves the transfer of accumulated experience of the project team to interested colleagues in the university and beyond.

Congratulations to project team with receiving the prestigious grant; we wish the project success and new achievements. By the way, they are willing to share their experiences with colleagues who manifest a desire to compete for new grants, because Jean Monnet contests are annual, and submission of proposals will continue until February 2017. For more information you may contact the International Department or directly Project Implementers.



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