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The delegation of Russian Universities

On September 11-14 2012, National University of Food Technologies received representatives of Russian Universities. We were pleased to welcome Vice-Rector for Innovation Activities Professor Kashapov Nail Faikovych (Kazan (Volga region) Federal University) and Professor Chernienko Denys Arkadiyovych (Ufa Branch of Sholokhov Moscow State University for Humanities, the Republic of Bashkortostan). Within the framework of meetings with the scientists and members of the NUFT’s Rectorate the number of questions which present mutual interest- the possible directions of further cooperation, drafting the contract (agreement) on collaboration between universities in scientific and educational spheres, joint projects- has been discussed. The meeting was held in a friendly atmosphere.



News September, the 12-th

At the invitation of the executives of SE «Укрметртестстандарт» our university scientists that are active participants at the Ukrainian Regional EHEDG section met with the Directorate «Укрметртестстандарт». Also Professor Huub Lelieveld who represented the main ЕНЕDG body took part at the meeting. The representatives of the National University of Food Technologies and Huub Lelieveld took their presentations on the EU Legislative practices concerning food safety along with the ЕНЕDG certification procedures of the hygienic food equipment. The activities of the Ukrainian regional group ЕНЕDG were also highlighted within the meeting. Our colleagues engaged with the Centre turned out to become interested in the topics on hand. At the course of the meeting the high executives of the Centre jointly with our representatives have marked a set of future steps to be taken in the neare st future which will lead to the deployment of common projects.




The 21st International Specialized Exhibition of food processing equipment and technologies


On September 11-14, the International Exhibition Centre hospitably received the 21st International Specialized Exhibition of food processing equipment and technologies «INPRODMASH» along with the 13th International Specialized Exhibition of packaging equipment and technologies «UPAKOVKA». We are glad to point out that within the exhibition the Seminar dedicated to the presentation of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ukraine entitled «Meet the Netherlands- leader in the European food industry ». It is worth mentioning that our university became one of the initiators and organizers the «UPAKOVKA» event and prepared materials concerning cooperation with Dutch partners in the field of ensuring food safety and hygiene of food production. Professor Yaroslav Zasyadko and the Directorate Member of the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG) Huub Lelieveld co-chaired the seminar.

It is well-known that the scientists of the National University of Food Technologies contributed a lot to the development of food processing and trained highly qualified specialists. They helped to organize the opening ceremony. Sergiy Ivanov Rector of the University was invited to address the exhibition participants and guests.

Evert-Jan Kraenbrik- Councillor of the Agriculture of the Netherlands Embassy, Belkiz Hyursel Hyulech - Commercial Councillor of the Turkish Embassy in Ukraine, Mykola Shapovalyuk - Head of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, Oleksandr Pechenoha -

Director of Food Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine, Huub Lelieveld - the EHEDG Directorate Member - were amongst the honorable hosts at the opening ceremony.

The visitors of the exhibition showed a great interest in the Seminar, particularly in the activities of Dutch companies well- known throughout the world for their food processing machinery.

Evert-Jan Kraenbrik - Councillor of the Agriculture of the Netherlands Embassy took stand and greeted the present and proceeded with the presentation on the Dutch success story in the food production. Then the representatives of Dutch companies took their turn with their presentations. Foreign partners emphasized on the prominent export potential of Ukrainian food producers. Moreover, they were surprised that Ukraine keeps on being a major exporter of agricultural raw commodities of low value. However, ready- made products of the Ukrainian origin are yet not known in Europe .

Huub Lelieveld and Yaroslav Zasyadko gave the extended presentations depicting in the food production. They were dedicated to the activities of the Ukrainian Regional EHEDG Section acting in our University. In particular, Huub Lelieveld attracted the guests' attention to the hygienic certification system aimed at the ensuring food safety. He also informed the audience about the EU safety standards in force. Strict compliance with said safety standards will provide a high level of food safety. The visitors' interest in the topics tackled at the Seminar was illustrated by a variety of questions given to the co-chairs. One may say that the Seminar has been a success.


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