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Dear Colleague,

I would like to inform you that a new project called ALRAKIS has just been opened. Alrakis is one of the Erasmus Mundus action 2 projects that promotes exchange mobility in the South Caucasus region and Ukraine. The beneficiary countries are Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Ukraine.

There are 8 partners in the project, among them there is Warsaw University of Life Sciences (WULS, which is located in the capital of Poland. Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW) has been providing higher education since year 1816. Its roots go back to the Institute of Agronomy in Marymont, the first agricultural institution of higher education in Poland and only the fourth one in Europe.

It is possible for the students of your University and young researchers to visit our University on the basis of the ALRAKIS project. More information can be found at:

We invite to the courses provided at the Faculty of Applied Informatics and Mathematics at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences. A short description of the Faculty and the list of subjects taught in English can be found in the attachment or at

Our experience in teaching in English is based on the Master degree program: Information Systems in Management, which started in 2005.

If your students are interested in Economics they can combine courses provided by our Faculty with a wide choice of courses provided by Faculty of Economics. Future engineers may choose from the offer of Faculty of Forestry, Faculty of Production Engineering and Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering. The offer of subjects taught in English at WULS is impressive: and it is possible to prepare a good application with a good plan of study or research.

As students at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, your students will benefit from many resources. Students study at a modern campus encompassing all University faculties in a vast area of many hectares. The campus includes a beautiful park and a sport centre with a swimming pool. In the campus one can meet both Polish and international students. Finally, one can study in the capital and geographical centre of a modern and quickly developing European country with its great history.

The financial side of the project is very good. The cost of accommodation for students at WULS is less than 100 Euro. The living expenses are also not high (about 150 Euro is sufficient).

If some help and assistance is needed, please do not hesitate to contact us or the colleagues from our International Office: Ms Ewelina Belkiewicz e-mail:, or Ms Agata August e-mail:  (Erasmus Mundus).

I would be very grateful if you could make this information available to the students, Phd students and young researchers of your University.

With best regards,

Urszula Grzybowska

Erasmus Coordinator

Warsaw University of Life Sciences

Faculty of Applied Informatics and Mathematics



International scientific project «NutriLab» (Seventh framework program of development of the EU technology researches)



Our university launched the international scientific project «NutriLab» of the Seventh framework program of development of the EU technology researches.
The project focuses on studying and improving food products labeling in the countries of the Black Sea region. «NutriLab» is a part of the program on elevating level of scientific researches in Europe, stimulation of all forms of cooperation, academic mobility.




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