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Happy Easter!

Сooperation Memorandum

The cooperation Memorandum between the China National Research Institute of Food and Fermentation Industries, Beijing China and the National University of Food Technologies was signed. With this Agreement the Universities intend to promote international scientific cooperation in the domain of research.







Anniversary of European Group of hygienic design and engineering - 25 years

This month the European community of scientists and food industry workers celebrate anniversary - 25 years of the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG). The EHEDGE has been founded as a reply to a significant attention that the EU pays to the quality and safety of food products that are supplied to the EU citizens. It is worth while mentioning  that the creation of EHEDGE has marked a drastic change in the priorities: EHEDGE at first prioritizes the extreme attention not only to the quality of materials and engineering, above all to the hygienic of the hole technological chain, including technological equipment wish is been used within the whole food chain.

EHEDG, according to the methodology of its founders is a non profit association of food equipment manufacture, designers, scientists, community representatives who in any extend, deal with food production.

During the past 25 years EHEDGE turned into a true world organization since it unities in its strength not only representatives of EU countries and also non EU representatives as well. At present the following non EU regional group have join the EHEDGE: India, Japan, Mexico, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey.

7 certified centers involved in the certification of equipment are active now:

- DTU National Food Institute (Denmark);

- ACTALIA Sécurité des aliments (France);

- TU München, Forschungszentrum Weihenstephan für Brau- und Lebensmittelqualität (Germany);

- TÜV Rheinland Nederland B.V.(former TNO Certification BV) (Netherlands);

- AINIA, Centro tecnológico (Spain);

- Campden BRI (UK);

- University of Tennessee (USA);

In addition, number of leading research institutions take part in the development of test methods and certification of EHEDG:

- Agence Francaise de Sécurité Sanitaire des Aliments, France;

- Institut Nationale de la Recherche Agronomique, France;

- Lund University, Department of Food Engineering, Sweden;

- SIK - Swedish Institute for Food Research, Sweden;

- Unilever Research Vlaardingen, Netherlands;

- VTT Biotechnology and Food Research, France.

Products that had been made on equipment that has EHEDGE certificate will be allowed through the custom border of the EU.

4 specialized sub-groups are currently working in the fields of :

- Equipment & Components (Bakery Equipment, Conveyor Systems, Food Refrigeration, Mechanical Seals, Pumps, Seals, Sensors, Separators, Tank Cleaning, Valves).

- Principles (Building Design, Design Principles, Dry Materials Handling, Hygienic Systems Integration, Materials of Construction, Testing and Certification, Welding).

- Processing, services & utilities (Air Handling, Cleaning in Place, Cleaning Validation, Electric Installations, Fish Processing Equipment, Heat Treatments, Lubricants, Meat Processing Equipment, Process water)

- Training & education (Facilitator, Toolbox, Training).

 Unfortunately, despite the fact that the Ukrainian regional group was created in 2008, we have nothing to brag. Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine showed absolutely no interest in cooperating with EHEDGE although a lot of statements about agro technological direction of Ukraine were made.



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