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Scholarships to study in Chinese People Republic

Under the terms of a bilateral agreement between Ukraine and China, and considering the intention to expand cooperation in education, in the 2015/2016 yrs. China continues to establish China Government scholarships quota for Ukraine for 2015/2016 yrs.

In the 2015-2016 academic year Government of China provides 100 full scholarships for Ukraine Government, 43 of which has been established earlier for the full course of study in China.

1. The actual number of new scholarships for 2015-2016 academic year: 57 full scholarships;

2. Students could complete a bachelor, master, PhD and trainee degree

Under the terms of the Agreement, MES must provide documents of candidates to study in Chinese universities to the Ministry of Education of China no later than March 30, 2015. In accordance MES of Ukraine will collect application documents of applicants.


Happy New Year

The title of Honorable of our University Doctors was awarded to Professor Huub Lelieveld

The title of Honorable of our University Doctors was awarded to Professor Huub Lelieveld on October 14, 2014. This event was widely publicized throughout the world, as Huub Lelieveld is a public person, a member of many professional and scientific societies; he is a scientist, who is known and respected all over the world. E-mail of International Integration Projects and Academic Mobility Department of NUFT is in Networking systems of most European professional associations of food science and technology, so we're in mailing list within these associations.

 Thus, the message of festive election were distributed in networks of all European professional associations and networks of associations in Vietnam, Lebanon, Costa Rica, Canada, Turkey, THE USA, Japan, China, Korea, India, Egypt, Tanzania, Germany. All messages have a link to a video of festive election of Huub Lelieveld at a meeting of the Academic Council of the National University of Food Technologies, which is located on the You Tube, and link to the site of our University.



Honorable Meeting of Academic Council

European scientists and civil leaders - President of the Association of global initiatives and harmonization (GHI) Huub Lelieveld (Netherlands) and Cabinet Adviser on European integration, tax service consultant Hendrikusu Donners (Netherlands) were named Honorable Doctors of the National University of Food Technologies on Honorable Meeting of Academic Council on October 14.


The titles of Honorable Doctors were awarded to scientists by the Academic Council of the University for a significant contribution to the integration of the University into the European community of teachers and scientists. Eminent authority of the European food science Huub Lelieveld actively promoted the entry our university into the EFFoST (European Federation of Food Science), and Hendrikus Donners made a great contribution to the development of international cooperation of our University with leading Universities of Netherlands and Belgium.

Ceremonial regaliarobes, bonnets, diplomas were awarded to Honorable Doctors by Rector Sergei Ivanov and Scientific Secretary Nadia Voloschenko.

A special guest, Mr. Evert Jan Krajenbrink, Agricultural Counsellor at the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, attended the Honorable Meeting of Academic Council. Mr. Krajenbrink highly appreciated the honor bestowed by the university community to the Dutch scientists.

Hendrikus Donners graduated from the Universities of Tilburg, Cologne and Sorbonne. He has a Doctor degree. From 1977 he was working for the Government of the Netherlands. More than 13 years he has been assisting in Ukraine integration to the EU by helping to implement Ukrainian legislation system to the legislative system of the European Union. His lectures for students and teachers of our University help them to understand better the processes of the European integration, describe the development of economic science in Europe, help to train high level specialists and form world-view. Hank Donners actively supports charity projects, helps with cultural and educational projects. Mlyniv secondary school was reconstructed, equipped its computer lab and chemical laboratory, thanks to his help; hospitals in Mlyniv and Rivne received new medical equipment and instruments. Dr. Donners also helped orphanages in Mlyniv, Brody, Sarny and Kyiv. For his outstanding achievement Henk Donners was knighted and awarded with the Order of Orange-Nassau (one of the highest awards of the Netherlands, founded on 1892).

Huub Lelieveld graduated from The Hague University of Applied Sciences and more than 40 years has been studying industrial microbiology, biotechnology. He was responsible for the development of methods for hygienic food production, development of food technologies, and for the novel processing technologies in food production, such as food preservation by pulsed electric fields. Huub Lelieveld was a President of the Global Harmonization Initiative, member of the Governing Council of IUFoST, Member and Past-President of EFFoST (the European Federation of Food Science and Technology) and the same of EHEDG (the European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group). He is a fellow of IFT and has been Chair of the Nonthermal Processing and the International divisions of IFT etc. Huub Lelieveld academic experience and his knowledge of food technology are highly appreciated all over the world. He is author and co-author of books about food safety and new food technologies, educational and reference materials. For his outstanding achievements and crucial role in forming the high humanitarian principles, academic responsibility and their spreading all over the world, Huub Lelieveld was awarded by the EFFoST Presidium with the highest European honors: «Lifetime Achievement Award», and World Union IUFoST honors him for "Outstanding Achievement in food science and world class technology."

After the awarding Honorable Doctors thanked for the given honor and talked about their plans.


At the end Rector Sergei Ivanov greeted Honorable Doctors and wished everyone new achievements, health, peace and harmony.

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