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«ЄС: вибір української молоді

«ЄС: вибір української молоді
Виставка «Освіта в Канаді 2016»







Please forward this information to your colleagues and encourage your students to submit a presentation.

The IFA Special Interest Group on "Food Texture and Physical Properties" is happy to announce a virtual conference in cooperation with USAMV-HevMetFood.

Participation is free but limited to 100 participants


  • Food rheology and texture of solid foods
  • Food rheology and texture of semisolid and fluid foods (including food emulsions and fat foods)
  • Food texture and its relation to food microstructure
  • Food rheology and texture and its relation to mastication and nutrition
  • Sensory measurement of food texture and psychophysical relations in texture
  • Instrumental measurements in food rheology and texture
  • Miscellaneous

For a presentation the following criteria should be met:
Type of presentation: a ppt file with a maximum of 20 slides.
Abstract and full papers should be submitted as a Word file following the guide for authors.

  • Deadline for abstract submission03 April 2016 to office [AT] iseki-food [dot] net 
  • Deadline for full text submission30 June 2016 to office [AT] iseki-food [dot] net

All accepted papers will be published in a book of abstracts with ISBN number

Selected papers will be invited to be submitted to the International Journal of Food Studies.









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