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March 21, 2016 saw the presentation of the program «2D!»

March 21, 2016 saw the presentation of the program «2D!» in the assembly hall (i.e. the program in operation under the Agreement on cooperation between our University and the University of Occupational Safety Management in Katowice (WSZOP), Poland). Yaroslav Zasyadko, the vice-chancellor for international relations and integration of NUFT, opened the meeting introducing a guest - Yuriy Maslak, the director of SOWARD INTERNATIONAL GROUP and WSZOP representative, and announced the agenda of the meeting. Our University was represented by: the acting director of Training and research institute of economics and management Oleg Sheremet, his first deputy Natalia Slobodyan, coursework subdean of faculty of power engineering and energy management Andrei Forsyuk, heads of department of economics and law - Anatoly Zainchkovskiy – and department of marketing – Elena Sologub, staff of the international integration projects and academic mobility department.

Yuriy Maslak told the students about the opportunities that the participation in foregoing project can provide them with. Our students found the presentation very interesting. It contained the information concerning WSZOP, as a modern educational institution, which provides specialist training within two courses and the humanities, social and technical specialties, as well as covered «2D!» program in detail.

After that the NUFT students were presented with the certificates on completion of the Polish language course (WSZOP).

Detailed information on the participation in the program «2D!» can be obtained at the international integration projects and academic mobility department (room A-308)

Or found following the links below: About WSZOP    About «2D!»



Student academic mobility in progress

The next stage of the academic mobility program under the agreement between our university and Tomas Bata University (Czech Republic, Zlin) has been initiated. Our university is represented by Natalia Kravchenko and Maria Gritsevich – the students of the Faculty of Meat and Dairy, Perfumery and Cosmetics products and Faculty of Bakery and Confectionary Production. The academic mobility program provides our students with the study of the following disciplines: "Grocery technology”, "Methods of microscopy", "The essentials of engineering", "Instrumental methods of food analysis" and "Natural polymers". We hope that if successful, we will significantly expand the circle of participants and the program will promote partnerships not only among university students but between teachers and research staff as well. 

The program is based on the International Integration Projects and Academic Mobility Department initiative. The implementation of this program required significant efforts, first of all, in the harmonization of curricula and the formation of individual educational process schedules and curricula for our students. We are much obliged to the project coordinators N. Chepel and E. Bilyk as well as the deans of faculties G. Goncharova and A. Shevchenko for the prompt addressing these issues.







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