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International training for Erasmus + project coordinators

In September 2015 National University of Food Technologies had won the project under Erasmus+ for the first time, which made it possible to begin the academic exchange of students and lecturers of the Faculties of Economics and Business Management, Accounting, Finance and Tax Documents (now both faculties are part of the Educational and Research Institute of Economics and Management), and the Faculty of Preservation Technology and Environmental Control (now part of the Educational and Research Institute of Food Technology).

June 19 – 25, 2016, the project coordinator – University of Szczecin (Poland, Szczecin) organized training for administrative staff engaged in academic mobility programs. National University of Food Technologies was represented by Erasmus + deputy project coordinator, head of the academic mobility sector, Assoc. Prof. Alexandra Ralko. Also this training was attended by: Ausra Auskalne (MRU, Lithuania), Dimitrios Theofanidis (Ateith, Greece), Khatuna Kabadze (Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University, Georgia), Kolos Adorján (University Of Pannonia, Hungary), Lucie Velková (Jan Evangelista Purkyne University In Usti Nad Labem, Czech Republic), Maka Tsibadze (Caucasus University, Georgia), María Isabel García (University Of Málaga, Spain), Matja? Škabar (Erudio School Of Sustainable Tourism, Slovenia), Nana Kurshubadze (Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University, Georgia), Periklis Tagkas (T.E.I. Of Epirus, Greece), Rafaela Burmeta (University Of Zadar, Croatia).

The training was focused on organizational issues of ongoing projects within Erasmus +, the successful participants’ experience in obtaining funding for the improvement of material and technical base of universities and finding ways for further cooperation.

During discussion of Erasmus + ongoing projects 4 faculties of University of Szczecin were presented, with which our university may sign additional agreements (due to coincidence of teaching and research interests) that would expand academic mobility.

As part of the training all participants visited the Human Structure and Functions Research Centre, Centre for Research and Innovation, Natural Sciences Education and Research Centre as examples of scientific and educational systems that are fully financed by the European Union. As a result of negotiations with the centers’ management we had agreed to the possibility of using their equipment by staff of our university without charge.

As part of the expansion of opportunities for cooperation the programs of improving education quality and Jean Monnet cultural exchange programs were singling out.


Of course, our University is only at the beginning of international cooperation, comparing with the EU universities, but with the joint efforts and hard work we could implement our potential.

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IX International Exhibition “LABComplEX. Analytics. Laboratory. Biotechnology. HI-TECH” – traditional meeting place of laboratory industry leaders.

On October 18-20, 2016 in EC “KyivExpoPlaza” will be held IX International Exhibition LABComplEX – the main event of laboratory industry of Ukraine within which is presented whole range of equipment, technologies and specialized furniture, supplies as well as range of services for creation, equipping, modernization of all types and kinds of laboratories of various industries, scientific-research field and medicine.  


The purpose of the Exhibition is to contribute to professional development of industry experts, exchange of experience with international colleagues, building long-term business relations and introduction of innovative scientific and technological solutions to the majority of industries in Ukraine in the conditions of rapid European integration processes.


Entrance is free of charge, in case of pre-registration on the website of the International Exhibition LABComplEX:



Discover the world of modern national and foreign achievements of laboratory industry – visit the IX International Exhibition LABComplEX

October 18-20, 2016 in the Exhibition center “KyivExpoPlaza”, Kyiv, 2-B , Salyutna Str.!



Holland Innovation Tours

Food Valley Expo ( provides a stage for the latest agro-food technologies, innovative companies and food clusters. The Expo offers you practical insights, the latest innovative ideas and enlarges your professional network. This annual event is a must for all professionals in the agro-food business and related industries.

Take a one-day tour through the world of Dutch agro-food and horti innovations. Catch a glimpse of the cutting edge developments at renowned companies and institutes in the Netherlands. An excellent business trip (Sign up for one of these innovation tours to discover the latest developments: Agtech Tour, Biobased Economy Tour, Personalised Nutrition Tour, Smart Fresh Food Tour, Food Safety and Health Tour, Reformulation, Technology and Processing Tour, Dairy and Water Technology Tour) to combine with a visit to the Food Valley Expo 2016 the next day (

More information about participation and registration may be found here:


Німецька компанія з багаторічним досвідом «Bayer» дає можливість отримати стипендію на дослідницькі проекти в Німеччині.

Німецька компанія з багаторічним досвідом «Bayer» дає можливість отримати стипендію на дослідницькі проекти в Німеччині.
23-26 травня 2016 р. наш університет приймав 8-й Центральноєвропейський конгрес з харчової науки CEFood-2016

23-26 May 2016 our University hosted the 8th Central European Congress on Food (CEFood-2016).

We, University's researchers and academic staff, put high hopes and expectations upon this Congress due to the following reasons:

1. Ukrainian political elite and establishment associate prosperity of our country with the substantial intensification of food product export (especially high value-added products). This leads to a necessity to harmonize food safety standards, to certify and harmonize all production processes etc. This, in fact, is an integration of all food industry's sectors into the technological and production structures of the European Union. Unfortunately, we can see that until now all integration processes regarding food industry has been more declaratory than effective. We hope that this Congress, which touches these aspects too, will become an additional impetus for the addressing of these problems.

2. It is also important to integrate our academic sector into research and education space of the European Union. This means joint development of curricula, expansion of contacts with representatives of EU universities, involvement talented students and researchers into scientific and information space of the European Union.

Even these two factors are quite enough to recognize the Congress as an extremely important event for the Ukrainian food science.

It is worth mentioning how our University had received the honor to host this Congress. In accordance with established procedures, which set out in EFFoST documents, we proceeded with an application, which we had described the significant experience our University had gained in international congresses organization. Thus, in 2013, NUFT had hosted the North and East European Congress on Food (NEEFood-2013), which was quite successful. Despite the application and fulfilled formalities, awarded process turned to be very conflicted, since some representatives had argued against the awarding Ukraine to be the host of the Congress CEFood-2016. However, the majority voted for the giving the right to host the Congress to our University. During two years our University has made a significant work on the proper organization of the Congress: from the provision of technical means to the invitation of delegates, scheduling meetings and sections, and arrangement of accommodation.

Comparing this 8th Congress with the previous 7th held in Ohrid (Macedonia), we can conclude that Congress in Kyiv had received more foreign participants; there was significantly increased number of submitted reports (both oral and poster). We would like to note that the representatives of Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, and Hungary had attended the CEFood Congress, as well as the representatives of the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Great Britain, Austria, Sweden and Norway - countries that are not within the scope of the Central European Initiative, but showed a great interest. A characteristic feature of this Congress was that, that our University as a multidisciplinary educational institution engaged in scientific research not only in the field of food science, but also in related areas - and this fact made it possible to organize not only purely food, nutritional and technological sections, but also Sections related to energy, automation, economy and other fields. With pleasure, we may admit that such approach had a great success, because economic and energy sections were attended by many foreign delegates.

It also should be emphasized that the European EFFoST Congresses are usually organized with the participation of Elsevier, but this Congress was organized only by NUFT's staff, without any help. We made, so to speak, a great work: registering the participants, sending invitations, sending informational materials about the Congress, communicating with European and other national associations, domestic producers, associations and other actors in the field of food science and technology.

In addition, we would like to emphasize on the fact that our University has a strong scientific and technical base - we provide our delegates with the top-notch audiences, equipped with all the necessary equipment for productive work of the Congress.

We are greatly pleased to tell that a number of young scientists took part in the work of the Congress actively. By the decision of the Scientific Committee of the Young Scientists' Section, three young participants: Catarina Faria (Spain), Cateryna Hvostenko (Ukraine) and Andrii Bulka (Ukraine) had received a special awards of our Congress, and the right to participate in the next 9th Congress without registration fee.

Congress Committee had devised a social program, which enabled all Congress delegates to get acquainted with our wonderful city, to visit the largest brewery in Europe - "Obolon", to visit Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, and to participate in the celebration of Europe Day, which was held at our University. Everyone has had a possibility to travel through 10 European countries and learn some tips about their history, traditions, national costumes and culture.

Congress has ended! Its excellent results and high scores of delegates is an evidence that the Congress CEFood-2016 was an important milestone in our integration into the European scientific and educational space, further evidence of the credibility of our University in European scientific circles.

Delegates speak:



Dear all,

First of all I would like to express my happiness to have a chance to meet you finally. I am also very much grateful for excellent organisation for our arrival and departure in such a late hours.

As for the congress organisation thanks to you and your young colleagues it was very easy to find and reach every congress room or spot were congress took a place. After the opening ceremony I have attended one of the sessions organised. It was EHEDG & GHI Round Table which was very well organised and attended. It was also my great pleasure to see so many young people at the congress, especially in poster area with such a good presentations of theirs work. Thank you also for the excursion organisation to the brewery as well as all social activities where we had a chance to taste excellent food and beverages. For me the 8th CEFood congress was an excellent opportunity to see my dear colleagues and friends after so long time as well as to meet new ones.

For all of that thank you so much


 Prof. Kata Galic


31 May 2016


Результат пошуку зображень за запитом CEFood 2016

CEFood 2016 has ended. It was a splendid meeting with a large number of presentations that were really of great interest. Also, it was great to have the opportunity to meet old friends again and make new friends (GHI has got new members again). As promised by the organisers, the weather was great too, better than predicted by the meteorological authorities. As always the food was very good and it strengthened my belief that the Ukraine could be and likely will become one of the most important sources of healthy food for Europe and beyond. I thank the organisers for doing a great job, knowing that organising a congress is hard and complex work and it was all done by the university, without help from professional congress organisers (which made it possible to have a very acceptable registration fee).

 Prof. Huub Lelieveld,

The Netherland

31 May 2016


....Большое спасибо за высокий уровень организации и проведения Конгресса!!!
Сегодня доложила руководству Высшей школы биотехнологии и пищевых технологий СПбПУ Петра Великого о результатах участия в Конгрессе и об интересных докладах участников.
Очень рада была нашему знакомству!

Всегда рады сотрудничеству с Киевским университетом пищевых технологий!...

С уважением,

Профессор Жилинская Н.Т.

Российская Федерация

31 Mая 2016



Dear all,

I am really looking back on a great time in Kiev! 

This conference gave to me a couple of nice opportunities:

1. Meeting old friends!

2. Having the opportunity to open news contacts and new friends!

3. Establishing more confidence that the Ukraine will be a stable regional section of EHEDG.

4. Seeing the possibility to implement Hygienic Design course/modules in the University in Kiev.

5. A greater interest by the young students for Food Safety and Hygienic Design.

Kiev is a beautiful city !!!!

Many thanks for arranging my travelling and hotel. I feeling at home as well!!!

Looking forward to have future opportunities to visit a next event on Food Safety and /or Hygienic Design in Kiev.


Best regards,

Karel Mager


31 May 2016


Фотография профиля пользователя Kakurinov Vladimir 

Dear all,

Many thanks to you and to National University of Food Technologies for CEFood 2016 good organization and warm hospitality in Ukraine and wonderful city of Kyiv. You managed all participants to experience European spirit and family atmosphere among present participants.


Best regards,

Prof. Vladimir Kakurinov 


30 May 2016



Dear all,

I would like to thank you for your hospitality and the organization of CEFood2016. I have wonderful memories and made several interesting contacts during the Congress. My apologies that I could not stay until the end, and also sorry that I did not have a business card on me to present to you. Please find though my full contact details below. I hope there will be another time at Kyiv or elsewhere where can meet. Also, thank you for the excursion to Obolon, to everybody who helped in organising it, and to explain to me the different universities and the meaning of 'Rus'.

So, thank you again for the wonderful conference, and hopefully we will meet again.


Prof. Dr. Nicolas Szita,

AMIChemE Departmental Graduate Tutor

United Kingdom


Description: Nayil Dinkçi'nin Profil Foto?raf?


Thank You for kind hospitality from arriving until the departure.

Thanks to Team for the great congress organisation, there was always someone to inform us. Thank You also for the social activities and the excursion. So we had the chance to meet and talk with colleagues at a social atmosphere. My impression about the “8th CEFood Congres 2016 Kyiv” is that it was step by step planed and well organised. I personally had the chance to make an oral presentation, meet some of my colleagues from different countries and also to get in contact with new colleagues working in the same area.


Thank You for Your Hospitality. 

With best wishes

Assoc. Prof. Nayil Dinkci




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